My last day in the office of the District Collector/District Magistrate


August 12 was my last day in the office of the District Collector/District Magistrate . It was a wonderful two and a half years in chair. Enjoyed every moment of it. Could understand the common mans problems more. Could host the President, the Vice President and the Prime Minister of India. Saw three Governors changing. Could conduct three general elections – to the Loksabha in 2014, to the Local self Governments in 2015 and to the Legislative Assembly in 2016. The conduct of National Games in 2015 in 12 venues with 15 events was also one of the most memorable team work in my career. The Arteria , the Take -a-break, and the proposed air-conditioned ATM-cum-Bus-stand are projects that could be replicated. Thank God for giving me this opportunity.

The Operation Anantha was a demonstration of Governments will to resolve public issues and another epitaph of the Disaster Management team and the revenue officials from sub-collector to the village man and various departments who worked in tandem.


The land acquisition of Karamana-Kaliyikkavila NH upto Vazhimukku, NHAI’s Kazhakootam to Karode and the Vizhinjam port and several bridges and smaller roads – the time bound success showed the professionalism of the LA wing of Collectorate. The issuance of over 5000 pattayams to the poor people who were running from pillar to post and finding solutions to age old land issues at Channakara, coastal and tribal areas are remarkable achievements of the LR wing. The District Magistrate could enforce KAAPA with highest number of imprisonments among any district of the State, which paved way for effective maintenance of law and order- the success could only be attributed to the efficient police force led by the city police commissioner and the Rural SP. The service of the Coastal police and most importantly the Coast Guard, in search and rescue during the turbulent seas using their boats/ships and Dornier air crafts showed their commitment to humanity. The people representatives from MPs, MLAs, LSGI members treated me like their own colleague and not as a bureaucrat. The officers of the Civil supplies department given me exemplary support in the drive against the wealthy and employed holders of BPL cards, which led to the suo-moto surrender of over 6000 BPL cards during 2014 itself. The effective Coordination of the health department during distress times like Puttingal fire tragedy also was an opportunity to see their sacrifice to save human lives. The Chalai Fire tragedy of 2014 was a test for the Fire-force department and their service during the heavy rains in removing blockage from roads even during the early morning hours – saved several lives. The DTPC could open new hotels at Vamapuram and Kallar. The corruption in District Nirmithi Kendra was weeded out and now Nirmithi is a profit making society. The running of Kerala State Council for Child welfare was slightly problematic, but could start the house of montisoorie and the Punarjani. Nearly 50% of the 30 students of Punarjani, hailing from Chengalchoola, pound colony and destitute homes, have become well mannered motivated kids securing very high marks in their school. One boy is Rank No.1 in the class. The former CM on his birthday visited one of the old age homes during 2015 Onam and every one complimented the officers running it. Thanks to my officers from social Justice department. My camp office was working 24 hours a day along with my officers in the control rooms at Collectorate and Taluks. The KWA engineers who monitored the water level at Peppara and the Irrigation Engineers who watched level rise in Neyyar dam during rainy seasons and phoned me in the late hours to give alerts, had saved many areas of the district from flooding through controlled and forecasted release of water through dam shutters. These are all untold success stories of departments which are only criticised often for their lapses and no one appreciated, which I could witness from an arms length as head of the district. I thank one and all of the officers who worked along with me during these two and a half years.

I should also thank my senior officers, ministers and people representatives who gave enough freedom for me to operate. Last but not least, the support given by the people of Trivandrum and the media, be it the TV, newspapers, FM radio or online media – that was overwhelming and I don’t have words to express my deeply sincere gratitude to you all. A big ‘Thank you’

Friends and my well wishers – you all made my innings memorable for me and my family. I assure you all that I will be always at your service in one role or another.

Some Great moments as Thiruvananthapuram District Collector