The bhoomikeralam – most ambitious project of Government of Kerala, formulated to complete the resurvey of the State, touching the lives of every land holder. A mammoth project implemented by the new special purpose vehicle set up by the Government— the Kerala Land Information Mission, plans to complete the resurvey of the State in 3-5 years, which was started some 43 years ago, still remains incomplete. The conventional chain-cross staff/theodolite methodology is replaced by the most modern hybrid techniques- a combine of aerial photogrammetry and ground survey using modern survey equipments …….

IT@School Project

IT@School is a project of Department of General Education, Government of Kerala, setup in 2001, to foster the IT education in schools and which on a longer term would facilitate ICT enabled education in the state.


Karunya Benevolent Fund

Karunya Benevolent Fund provides financial aid for poor people suffering from serious ailments, by raising funds through Kerala lottery. Karunya Benevolent Fund is providing financial assistance to under-privileged people suffering from acute ailments like Cancer, Haemophilia, Kidney and Heart diseases and for Palliative Care. The amount for the health scheme is raised through lottery. This welfare measure will be helpful to those who suffer from ailments, the cost of treatment of which are proved to be unbearable to lower and even middle strata of soceity. The income generated through the sale of Karunya Lottery is exclusively devoted for extending financial assistance to the purpose.

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