Books Review

SIMPLIFLY by Capt. Gopinath

Those who want inspiration should read this book. a must read. A modern day real life story, in which Capt.Gopinath clearly demonstrated ” Nothing is impossible”. He was just a retired army captain (who incidently worked in our Pangode Military camp) and it will tell you how he built that Deccan Airlines from scratch. It will also say how one of the promoters of the now successfully running private airlines have brought Deccan to a halt. MUST READ

AMBANI & SONS by Hamish McDonald

The late Dr.C.R.Soman, at the height of the Microsoft-Linux controversy, where the allegation was that myself along with my seniors and Ministers had taken Rs.50 Cr as bribe to surrender our education system for their commercial benefits, told me, “These people are not seeing the damages to the whole system of India by the Business community most importantly Ambani and his reliance and blaming the MNCs only”. Read this book to understand, how much damage they have created to the Indian Economic system by this family, which they have not denied yet, as I understand.

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