The most famous Swords of History

The most famous Swords of History


1. Pre-Iberian Falcata

The most famous Swords of History
Sword was the first inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula, with which fought the battles of the time. Its original design of the blade adapted to penetrate horizontal, has not been repeated in history, but has functionality beyond doubt and makes it unique.


2. Roman sword (Gladius Roman)

This is the Roman weapon par excellence, was an ideal for close combat and the perfect complement to the phalanges of the fingers sword. Sword short, wide, pointed designed for direct rapier, causing extensive damage. The Roman shield complemented the effectiveness of the Roman gladius.


3. Alexander the Great Sword

Alexander III of Macedonia, better known as Alexander (the Great) was king of Macedonia from 336 a. C. until his death and is considered one of the most important military leaders of history by its conquest of the Achaemenid Empire. Alexander conquered the Persian Empire, including Anatolia, Syria, Phoenicia, Judea, Gaza, Egypt, Bactria and Mesopotamia, expanding the borders of Macedonia to the Punjab region. Before his death, Alexander had planned to return to the west and conquer Europe in addition to wanting to continue the expansion to the East and find the end of the world, an idea that his childhood tutor, Aristotle had taught him telling stories about a place Earth finished and began the Great Outer Sea.


4. Viking Sword (Barbarian and Nordic)

Sword designed to violate their brutal terror size width, length and weight, so it could only be supported by a warrior with the same qualities, making it ideal for a single, well-aimed blow. It was not easy maneuverability, but was appropriate is this world in which force was the law; their swords were robust and powerful sign of authority and respect.


5. King Arthur’s sword Excalibur

Its history belongs mainly to the legend and literature of the early sixth century, although discuss whether Arthur, or a similar character that would have been based legend, really existed. Legend and history were mixed for several centuries and are intimately linked to the Knights of the Round Table and the magic and mysterious sword “Excalibur”. According announced the magician Merlin, only the one able to remove the sword from the stone would be king. Arturo performed this feat and kneeling before the stone, I took out the sheet with the ease of long, held it over his head and then entered the cathedral and placed on the altar. Arthur was anointed with holy oil in the presence of all the barons and common people, solemnly he swore to be a loyal king to his subjects and defend truth and justice all the days of your life.


6. Sword of Charlemagne

The most famous Swords of History

Charles the Great, Emperor of Western Europe, was born in the year 742. The power of Charlemagne, came to spread Christianity throughout the occupied territory, arriving to conquer territories of France, Germany and Italy.



7. They Sword “Tizona” and Sword “Colada”

belonged to the Castilian Knight Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, known as “El Cid” faithful vassal who participated with King Alfonso VI in the conquest of Toledo and then conquered the kingdom of Valencia, that was in the hands of the Arabs.


8. Arab scimitar or sword

abounded his Toledo production during the Arab invasion, being Toledo, also in that time, important center swordmaking. The scimitar has a guard that rises into the fist of the other hand falling into the blade, and the widening and curvature of the blade is very sharp, with one edge and a protective grip. The particularity of that curve is used for horse by attacking the sheet is not embedded in the opponent. As curve which is achieved is that the blade cuts but follow his path. The Arabs preferred the straight sword scimitar.


9. Sword of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar was founded in 1118 to ensure the custody of the Holy Places and protect pilgrimage routes. The Order reached its peak in the thirteenth century. Knights Templar Knights were considered God, honor of the Church and Christianity. It was a very well organized military force and were the shock troops in all the Crusades. In the attack they were in the vanguard and withdrawals in the rear. Templar combined religious fervor and military feat, the two great passions of the Middle Ages.


10. Alfonso VI sword

The most famous Swords of History

heir to the crown of Leon, along with El Cid, held the African drive, reconquered Valencia, Murcia, Lisbon, annexed La Rioja Navarra, Galicia, Guipuzcoa, Alava, Vizcaya in 1076. His most important achievement was to reconquer Toledo.


11. Sword of Fernando III (San Fernando)

Son of Alfonso IX of Leon and Berenguela of Castile, united the two kingdoms under one crown. Great promoter of the process of reconquest, won among other places of Seville, capital of the Almohades, and Cordoba, the mosque became a cathedral. His son, Alfonso X, who also had to possess the sword, was one of the major drivers of . culture in one of his works, The Seven Games, highlighting the four values that every sword should embody: Cordura, Fortaleza, Measure and Justice.


12. Sword Richard the Lionheart

famous king of England between 1189 and 1199, the third son of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitania.También was Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine and Count of Anjou, Noble Crusader Knight, known for his courage and valor in battle. Ricardo received the title of Lionheart in the Crusades, when compared Philippe of France as a lamb and Richard with a Lion. His personal courage in battle inspired many poets and writers.


13. Sword of Jaime I

was born in Montpellier (1208) and died in Valencia in 1276. Count of Barcelona, King of Aragon and Majorca. He continued the reconquest and helped the Kings of Castile and Aragon to fight against the Arab invader.


14. Sword of William Wallace (1270 – 1305)

was a courageous Scottish warrior who led his country against the British occupation and against King Edward I of England in the Wars of Scottish Independence. He was educated in an abbey where he lived his paternal uncle, so I was well educated by the standards of the time, and spoke French, Latin, Gaelic and English.


15. Claymore Sword The Lion of Scotland The most famous Swords of History

Jacobo 1 (1394-1437) King of Scotland crowned King in 1424 in Scone. After crushing the Alban House and the machinations which had taken with him as a child, reduced the powers of feudal nobles, he called together the code of Scots law and introduced a system of weights and measures. Notable poet. He was killed by Sir Robert Graham in a conspiracy. For his bravery in battle and firm hand to rule he was called The Lion of Scotland.


16. Claymore of the Catholic Kings

is one of the most spectacular swords of the History of Spain. This is the mythical sword with which Ferdinand and Isabella gentleman named Christopher Columbus, after returning from his first trip to America. This sword called “ceremony” was used as a “standard bearer” in all significant religious ceremonies or public events of his reign, as the Conquest of Granada.


17. Sword of Christopher Columbus (1436-1506)

Wise geographer and marine intelligent, conceived and matured its colossal exploration project in western India, a project that offered various courts and European tycoons who did not support seas. After numerous setbacks got support in Spain of the Catholic Kings. They were granted three ships, the Pinta, the Nina and the Santa Maria and the August 3, 1492 sailed from Palos. On 12 October the same year touched American soil, discovering America.


18. Sword of the Great Captain

Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, a man of high military prestige at the time of the Catholic Monarchs (XV and XVI century), won his first feats in the conquest of Granada, highlighting mainly in the campaigns of Sicily and Naples, nicknamed there the “Great Captain” creates the army, dominated by the Corps, will be the military base of the Spanish Empire in the sixteenth century.


19. Espada Garcia Paredes

Diego Garcia Paredes, known for his physical strength as’ The Samson of Extremadura “and” Hercules of Spain “. Famous Spanish captain, extraordinary strength and stature, played in Italy as head of the troops of the Great Captain, your utmost confidence man, whom he followed and emulated in their campaigns, later moving to America.


20. Sword Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany

The most famous Swords of History

he was known in his time as “The Emperor” as no king ever brought together under his rule such an immense empire. He inherited from his grandparents, the Catholic, Spain, America, Naples and Sicily Reyes; and Maximilian of Austria, Flanders and Austria. In 1519 he was crowned “Roman Emperor” going to rule the largest since the time of Charlemagne kingdom. His sword is the symbol of his power.


21. Sword of Hernán Cortés

Hernán Cortés Monroy Pizarro Altamirano, brave and daring Spanish conqueror of the Aztec empire of Mexico. Maternally was second cousin to Francisco Pizarro, who later conquered the Inca empire in Peru.


22. Sword of Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro González was the Spanish explorer and conqueror of Peru.


23. Sword of Don Quixote

in the sixteenth century and pen born Cervantes Don Alonso Quijano, better known as Don Quixote; knight, with a high sense of duty and honor that goes beyond the limits of reality, bordering on madness. So he attacked windmills believing they were giants; herds of lambs as an enemy army; ensuring wineskins as ghosts. He was the hero of the wildest adventures. He lived crazy and died sane in the arms of his beloved Dulcinea.


24. Foil French Musketeers

In 1622 Louis XIII created the special corps of “Musketeers”, exclusively for the service and protection of the king. Later Alexandre Dumas would be inspired by the royal guard, to write “The Three Musketeers”, the endearing story of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D`Artagnan, who were the defenders of Queen Anne against the intrigues of the “villains” Richelieu, Milady, not hesitating at any time using this unique sword in defense of the monarchy.


25. French Champagne Saber Briquet

The most famous Swords of History

“The Briquet” is a short saber easy to use as other knives of the time. Has its origin in the principles of the French Revolution, the Napoleonic troops Infantry and Artillery Grenadiers. Was later equipped with this weapon


26. The Rapieras Swords or “Rapier”

is used when the best costumes became the most expensive and elegant, adding this elegant weapon, decorative even that was totally opposed to the style of the late Middle Ages of heavy and old swords. This type of swords are the precursors of the current used in foil fencing sport that employs intelligence, quickness and art, which is totally opposite to the movement of the struggle with short and heavy of late medieval swords. The most prominent are the Toledana and Rapier Lys Flower Rapier.

Toledana Rapier Sword: With stunning design of a cross, with many pieces welded brass handle of soft red velvet with golden ribs. The blade is elegant, fine and with a narrowing at the top of the sheet, used to put the index and middle fingers and thus better wield the sword, making its movements are as a whole by the arm and hand .


The Fleur de Lys Rapier Sword: Rapier of French origin, with a golden cup that protects of blows of the opponent, with gold and blue velvet elegant finishes. Its design is based on lys flower from which it takes its name.


27. Sword Carlos III

Carlos III of Bourbon called The Politician (1716 – 1788) was Duke of Parma (as Charles I) between 1731 and 1735, King of Naples and Sicily (as Charles VII) in 1734-1759 and King of Spain from 1759 until his death. It was the third son of Philip V. was the founder of the Arms Factory of Toledo and fostered cultural and economic growth in Spain.


28. Sprat Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 -1821)

and French military ruler, General Republican during the Revolution and the Directory, architect of the coup of 18 Brumaire that made him First Consul of the French Republic on November 11, 1799. proclaimed Emperor of the French and crowned on December 2; proclaimed King of Italy on March 18, 1805 and crowned on May 26, boasted both titles until April 11, 1814, and again from March 20 until 22 June 1815. Napoleon is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of history, having commanded very successful warlike campaigns, although with some losses equally boisterous.


29. Sword of the Masons

The most famous Swords of History

collects much of the symbols of Freemasonry highlighting the compass and square, plumb and hammer, the book and the eye of God, and the five-pointed star inscribed in the capital “G” Great (Great ). As an instrument through times of justice, truth, equality and firmness, swords have been used by the Masons in all their ceremonies.

30. The Katana

Samurai Sword. Katanas were regarded as the soul of the Samurai and were used in ceremonies of primary importance in the court and in the military. They were not only weapons but had a spiritual significance. The “Tachi” was the most prized among the swords, followed by the “Katana” and “Wakizashi”.

Spectacular not only from the technical point of view, but also for their labor metal craft, its skilled lacquering and line engravings and precious stones, besides its finest silks in which are stored.