Kerala Medical Services Corporation (KMSCL) is a fully owned Government Corporation for providing services to the various health care institutions under the department of Family Welfare as per Section 67 of Companies Act; 1956. The company was incorporated on 28th December 2007. One of the key objectives of the KMSCL is to act as the central procurement agency for all essential drugs and equipments for all public healthcare institutions under the department.


Directorate of State Lotteries, Kerala

The Kerala State Lotteries is given a new impetus to the economy of the State. It directly benefits over 1.5 lakhs agents, sub agents and sellers, and employs many other indirectly. Last year, out of the total sales of Rs.1287 Cr, about Rs.400 Cr was paid as commission to these group of people. an amount of Rs.420 Cr was circulated in Kerala’s economy by way of prizes. Remaining Rs.400 Cr was remitted to the ex-.chequer. This year it has now crossed Rs.1300 Cr in total sales on face value. Karunya Lottery and Karunya Benevolent Fund, using the net proceeds from the said lottery are novel schemes, launched to provide financial assistance to those require surgeries in Hospitals and so far has distributed over Rs.40 cr to about 2500 patients.

Commissioner of Food Safety, Kerala

The Commissonerate of Food Safety a relatively new department of the State, created after the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 came into force, replacing a host of ineffective laws related to food. The department, in spite of its teething issues in its formation stage, has performed well and brought discipline to the food business operation in the State. Now it is in the pursuit of persuading the FBOs to introduce a self regulation mechanism through the Grading system. read the concept paper in my blog

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